Star Wars Datapad Coming to Play Disney Parks App

In recent years, Disney has upped the anti with it's technology. One of the great new apps that I love to use while visiting the parks is the Play Disney Parks app. It's a great game you can play directly on your cell phone while inside the parks and sometimes while you wait in a long standby line. Believe me it will keep kids entertained when you wait in the Star Tunnel at Space Mountain. But one new and exciting addition to this app will be the Star Wars Datapad inside Galaxy's Edge at Disney's Hollywood Studios.

Use the “hacking” feature to interact with certain door panels or droids to see their memories, or open your “scanning” tool to peek inside of cargo crates you may spot while walking around. The handy “translation” tool will help you understand Aurebesh (the written language of the Star Wars galaxy) signs throughout Black Spire Outpost, and you can even tap into and decrypt signals from antennas or communications devices and listen to secret messages with the “tuning” feature.

It appears that this new interactive experience will be somewhat similar to Agent P's World Showcase Adventure at Epcot, but even more elaborate. Other features within the Datapad will also connect with the surveillance technology installed by the First Order throughout Black Spire Outpost. You can choose to either help the Resistance or the First Order and you may be rewarded with some galactic credits. Speaking of which, this Datapad will also enhance your experience on the land's premiere attraction, Millennium Falcon: Smuggler's Run. It's all part of the Imagineer's promise that Galaxy's Edge will deliver an immersive experience like we've never seen before inside a Disney theme park.

You can download the Play Disney Parks app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store at no cost. Some games within the app can be played at home and it's a good idea to have it downloaded and ready to go before you visit the park. Galaxy's Edge will open at Disney's Hollywood Studios on August, 29th, 2019.