Shop Disney Parks App Retiring at the End of this Month

Back in 2015, Disney debuted a brand-new mobile app that was part of their wider tech roll-out and designed to make shopping while visiting the parks a little bit easier. The Shop Disney Parks app allowed guests to browse merchandise items sold within the parks, check stock levels at specified stores and even shop for these items at home and have them delivered. Meaning if you were looking for the latest pin featuring characters from the Haunted Mansion, you could look up what was sold at Memento Mori at Magic Kingdom before heading over there or just order it directly off the app and have it sent home. Well, Disney has now announced that the Shop Disney Parks app will be retired on May 31st, 2019. Seems like a lot of work and effort was put into this new service to just sadly go away. But all is not lost.

ShopDisney will soon be the one-stop shop for all Disney merchandise. This website debuted back in 2017, and was part of the new and improved Disney Store. ShopDisney replaced the original Disney Store website but also introduced and highlighted products created by third-party companies that featured Disney characters and stories. It became a gateway to purchase both official Disney products and search for partner companies who sold great Disney items. ShopDisney will now incorporate all of the products that are part of the Disney parks merchandise collection as well. Meaning everything that you can either order online at home or find at your local Disney Store will be listed here at ShopDisney.

However, the new, all-encompassing ShopDisney website and app will not show stock levels of specific items at the stores within the parks. Nor will it highlight Disney parks merchandise that is only available inside the park. I found these two features to be particularly useful when I was on the hunt for something specific and visiting the parks. I could check stock levels at a store and make sure I work in a stop at that location within my itinerary. The previous app also allowed you to scan the barcode of items inside a shop at the parks and see if it's available somewhere else, or even just order it there and send it home. This allowed you to bypass a long line at the checkout when visiting busy places like The Emporium or MouseGear. If you used the previous ShopDisney parks app in this fashion as well, Disney has stated these features will be incorporated into the existing My Disney Experience App.

To try and summarize everything, Disney has essentially condensed the content and layout of three different mobile apps into two. The My Disney Experience app will continue to be the best app to use while visiting the parks. You will continue to make reservations, check your itinerary and now check merchandise items at specific stores. ShopDisney will become the place to do all the shopping when you're at home. You can browse items sold both online and at your local Disney Store and these online portals will showcase even more official Disney parks merchandise than it did before. This will be the one-stop shop for Disney merchandise in between trips to Walt Disney World.