Reusable Shopping Bags Introduced at Walt Disney World

Disney has recently been on a push to reduce single-use plastic. First there was the reduction of plastic straws at many dining locations around the park. And last fall, Disney introduced a new reusable shopping bag at the World of Disney Store in Disney Springs, very similar to the ones now used at Disney stores around the country.

The latest push to reduce single-use plastic is the option for guests to purchase a reusable bag at shopping locations around Walt Disney World property. The resort now features seven different designs based on the location of the store. Each park has its own design, Disney-owned shops at Disney Springs have their own that is separate from the World of Disney bag, and general Walt Disney World one available at the stores inside each Disney resort hotel. All of these designs come in three sizes for guests to choose from and are made of 80% recycled plastic; a small bag priced at $1.00, a medium option at $1.50 and finally a large bag priced at $2.00.

At the moment, the traditional single-use bags are still available at all the shopping locations. There is no word if the shops at the parks will soon run a similar operation to the Disney stores outside of the parks. Which only offer the reusable bags at a small cost.