Reservations Now Open for Toledo at Coronado Springs

Concept Art for Toledo - Tapas, Steaks & Seafood

Good news foodie friends. One of Disney World's upcoming restaurants is now open for reservations! Guests can now book a table at Toledo - Tapas, Steak & Seafood starting from July 9th, 2019. The new table service restaurant will be part of the Gran Destino Tower expansion at Coronado Springs. Slated to open at the same time this summer.

We currently do not have a menu to look at, but Disney has stated that the restaurant will feature, '...dishes and small plates inspired by the flavors of Spain'. Which will naturally tie into the theme of the resort. The restaurant will also feature over 75 different wines from California and Spain. Carefully curated by a Master Sommelier. On top of it all, the restaurant will be at the very top of the new 15-story tower. Offering spectacular views of the resort below and hopefully some nearby fireworks.

Concept Art for Three Bridges Bar & Grill

The newly expanded hotel will also include a second new restaurant, Three Bridges Bar & Grill. This dining spot will be located at the center of the expansive Lago Dorado. The 14-acre lake at the very heart of Coronado Springs. And it appears that this new bar & grill will be somewhat similar to Geyser Point over at Wilderness Lodge. A refreshing, outdoor experience will a laid back vibe and casual food.

For more information on the this expansion and other exciting additions coming to Walt Disney World in 2019, check out my latest update.