Ralph & Venellope Now Meeting Guests at the Imagination Pavilion

Earlier this week, the popular meet and greet with Wreck-It Ralph and Vanellope von Schweetz closed at the temporary location near the Epcot Character Spot and debuted a new location inside the Imagination Pavilion. The new portal to the internet to meet the fun pair is located in the ImageWorks area of the pavilion, which is after the exit to the attraction with Figment. As before, Fastpass+ reservations are not offered here, but usually their way is quite moderate. The meet and greet location is usually open from 9am to 7pm, which is when the rest of the Imagination Pavilion tends to close for the night.

At a previous D23 event, Disney executives teased at some concept art that revealed most of the previous Innoventions buildings could possibly be demolished in the near future. This would be part of a larger overhaul to Future World with less concrete walkways and more greenery. Ralph & Vanellope's move out of the initial location to the Imagination Pavilion, indicates that this could be a long-term home for the pair here at Epcot. At least until we learn more about the grander vision for Future World 2.0.

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