One-Day-Only Photo Spots and Specialty Food Coming to the Haunted Mansion April 13th

Disney recently announced Disney World's lucky 13th attraction to offer an on-ride photo, the legendary Haunted Mansion. The new photo is taken towards the end of the attraction when hitchhiking ghosts attempt to follow you home! In honor of this new photo addition, Disney is offering a few more unique photo opportunities and specialty food item in Liberty Square on April 13th ONLY!

Around The Haunted Mansion a few photo opportunities will be available during the day and at night. Three different locations will offer Magic Shots. Towards the exit where you'll find a collection of tombs, a PhotoPass photographer can take shots with a special 'Tomb Sweet Tomb' prop. Additionally Magic Shots will be available at this exact location as well. Over by the hearse in front of the mansion, PhotoPass photographers can capture a fun picture with hitchhiking ghosts. I've seen this one available in the past and it is a great shot. Finally over by the Liberty Square Riverboat, another photographer can produce a Magic Shot with you and the famous Hatbox Ghost. All three of this locations will be stationed with PhotoPass photographers starting at 9am until the sun goes down.

At night, there will be two special photo opportunities. Outside Memento Mori, you can snag a Magic Shot with eerie Mickey lights surrounding you. Once again by the exit, you can take a picture holding a prop lantern, just like the scared caretaker seen in the graveyard scene of the attraction. This is similar to shots available during the Not-So-Scary Halloween Party at Magic Kingdom.

Finally, to really get in touch with your spirited side, waltz over to Memento Mori. On April 13 only, you can take home an 8-inch by 10-inch lenticular image showing your spirited side for the special price of $13.13 + tax. These photos are normally available at $19.99 plus tax, so it's decent discount.

Next we've had a special treat for the spook-tacular occasion. Over at Liberty Square Market, and on April 13th only, guests can enjoy the Midnight Fright Delight “browkie”. This appears to be a unique dessert combining a brownie and cookie together and inspired by the clock seen in the attraction, just before Madame Leota's seance room. The special dessert will be priced at $6.99 plus tax.

Finally, the Cadaver Dans will be making a special appearance on the day as well. These guys usually only come out during the Halloween party, so this is a great chance to see them perform at Magic Kingdom without paying extra. The Cadaver Dans ghostly quartet will make a special appearance, conjuring up scary-good tunes after the sun goes down in Liberty Square.