New Logo for Disney's Hollywood Studios Revealed

Today marks the 30th anniversary of Disney's Hollywood Studios. No other theme park in Walt Disney World has seen the same level of change over the years like this one. Those of you old enough to remember this park in its early years, recall that the original name of this park was Disney MGM Studios. It was part of a partnership under the supervision of then CEO Michael Eisner between Disney and MGM. After some legal disputes, the MGM portion of the park's name was dropped. For a brief period, this park was referred to as Disney Studios, before finally receiving the name we are all familiar with today.

Concept art of Animation Courtyard Archway with Hollywood Studios' New Logo

Longtime favorites such as The Great Movie Ride may be long gone. But to reflect the current new additions inside the park and the exciting attractions coming soon, Disney has decided to keep the name of Disney Hollywood Studios, but give the logo of the park a bit of a facelift. During a big celebration at the park today that included a star-studded cavalcade of characters, executives revealed a new modern and sleek look for the park's official logo. It also features three iconic characters to reflect the new direction of this park, BB-8, Woody and of course Mickey Mouse.

Judging by some concept art released by Disney, it looks like the new logo will be added to the long-standing Animation Courtyard archway. This structure currently leads guests towards Voyage of the Little Mermaid, the Disney Junior Dance Party and Star Wars Launch Bay. Later this evening, the park will debut a brand new nighttime projection show celebrating the 90 history of Disney animation right on the Chinese Theatre. It's the dawn of a new era for Disney's theme park dedicated to the magic of the movies.

Preview of The Wonderful World of Animation