Increased Ticket Pricing Now In Effect at Walt Disney World

Back in 2016, Disney World introduced a new tiered pricing system when it came to single-day tickets at the four parks in Walt Disney World. This meant that if you wanted to purchase a single day ticket to the Magic Kingdom on Christmas Day, it would cost you more than it would if you visited during a slower period in the year such as September. The same applies now when you purchase a multi-day ticket. The first day you choose to use your ticket will affect the overall price. But of course, the more days you buy, the better the deal you get.

Starting today, the peak season price for single-day tickets to any of the four theme parks has increased. If you plan to purchase a ticket between December 25th & 31st, 2019, it will cost you $159 per adult and $154 for kids 3-9. By comparison, in 2018 tickets around these dates were priced at $129. Additional expensive dates to purchase single day dates include December 21st to the 24th, November 23rd to the 30th, July 4th, May 25th & 26th and April 13th to the 27th; all priced at $139 for adults and $134 for kids. This obviously coincides with major holidays in the US such as Easter, Memorial Day, Independence Day and Thanksgiving.

If you're wondering, the lower tiered prices have remained the same. In fact the cheapest 1-day ticket you can get to any of the theme parks is at $109 for adults and $104 for kids. These prices are available for those traveling between August 26th and 29th and on select weekdays in the month of September. Historically, the first few weeks in January before Martin Luther King Jr. Day are also cheaper, but as of right now we do not have ticket pricing for 2020.