Full List of Closures Coming to Future World at Epcot

It appears that Disney Imagineers are gearing up for the long awaited overhaul to Future World at Epcot. At D23 back in 2017, we learned that the front half of Epcot would receive a major facelift. However, the details have been scarce and Disney fans have been speculating all over the internet what would be removed and take over some of the pavilions in Future World. We are expected to learn more at this year's D23 event in August, but it looks like we will see a tremendous amount of constructions walls pop up near the hub very soon.

Based off of the concept art released by Disney back in 2017, almost all of the central buildings in Future World are expected to be demolished. This was originally were Communicore was housed and later Innoventions. The decision by Imagineers has been to depart from the concrete jungles and make way for more green spaces in Future World. But before Disney fans can enjoy this new look, several things will have close before crews break ground. We now have more details on when all the dining and entertainment offerings that have been in operation in the buildings will end to begin construction.

Concept art for Future World overhaul

Epcot Character Spot will close on September 8th, 2019. This means the last day to meet Mickey, Goofy and Minnie all together in this location will be September 7th. Disney has announced that these characters will meet guests in other locations throughout the park starting on September 8th. However there are no details as to if Baymax will be relocated, or Sadness. Here's a list of their updated locations:

  • Minnie Mouse will move into the World Showcase Gazebo.

  • Daisy Duck will move to The American Adventure.

  • Mickey Mouse and Goofy will temporarily move to Innoventions West. (In the near future, Mickey Mouse will move to an all-new location in the Imagination! Pavilion and Goofy will relocate to an unknown location.

  • Joy will move to an unspecified location

  • Winnie the Pooh will return to the United Kingdom Pavilion

Other offerings in this area that will close on September 8th, 2019 include entertainment in Innoventions East. This includes Colortopia and Nanooze Break. Many of the shopping locations in the central hub of Future World will also relocate while their existing locations are reimagined. Mouse Gear, the park's Emporium-style store on the east side of the hub, will close later this winter. A temporary store will be setup but exact details have not been shared. The same treatment will be given to Pin Central; this fall it will close and temporarily move to the Camera Center, which is located near the entrance to Spaceship Earth. The Art of Disney Store located en route to the Fountains of Nations will also operate from a temporary location soon and will eventually be permanently moved to the American Adventure Pavilion.

Finally, we have dining. This initial phase of construction is to bulldoze almost all of Innoventions West. Heance all the closures just mentioned. Most of the buildings on the east side is expected to remain in some way in the future. Hence why some places like Mouse Gear are only temporarily moving while worked is being carried out. The same will happen to many dining locations throughout the hub. Fountain View, the park's Starbucks location, will be relocated to a new location come this fall. Disney has also announced that Electric Umbrella will also close this winter so that the space can be reimainged. Since the only other quick service restaurant in Future World is Sunshine Seasons in The Land, Disney will have additional dining options somewhere in Future World so that guests can continue to have more options for dining. Finally, Club Cool will also close on September 8th, but Disney has reassured fans it will return in some capacity in the future.

Stay tuned for details during this year's D23 Event for what additions are coming to Epcot. The convention is scheduled to take place August 23rd - 25th in Anaheim.