FOOD REVIEW: Flavor Full Kitchen at Epcot Flower & Garden Festival

Flavor Full Kitchen at the 2019 Epcot Flower & Garden Festival

Located near the Imagination Pavilion in Future World West, guests visiting The 2019 Flower & Garden Festival will find some healthier dishes at the Flavor Full Kitchen. I know what you’re thinking already, who wants to eat healthy on vacation? Especially at Walt Disney World. But there’s nothing wrong with trying some guiltless dishes during trip. You can save the calories for something more indulgent later.

This outdoor kitchchen is actually part of a art of a larger complex sponsored by Advent Health and teaches guests different was to stay healthy. Wether it’s opting for more nutritious ingredients, exrevising, or taking care of your mental health. This is also where those traveling with little ones will find the Play Full Garden which is a both a playground and a place to relax for adults. But we’re here today for the food, so let’s look at some of the dishes here.

Cookie Butter Worms and Dirt at the Flavor Full Kitchen

First up we have one of the festival’s non-alcoholic beverages; the Cookie Butter Worms And Dirt drink. This is essentially a chcoclate shake. However the cookie butter adds a richness that makes this drink taste like raw cookie dough in liquid form. It’s very rich. (Yes I know it’s not safe to eat raw cookie dough, I promise I don’t do that anymore.) It’s also topped with a good amount of crumbled Oreo cookies, just for extra goodness. This is meant to be the dirt portion of the drink. Finally the drink ends with a classic gummy worm, that I simply couldn’t stomach after all that rich flavor. If you’ve ever experience the Worms and Dirt dessert at the Halloween party, it’s very similar. If I can be frank I have absolutley no idea how this is on the menu given that it’s meant to be a ‘healthier’ Outdoor Kitchen. But littles ones, or simply the young at heart, in the mood for a rich and creamy drink will love this.

From the Garden Salad at the Flavor Full Kitchen

Next we have the From the Garden Salad. This is compromised of roasted beets, cashew cheese, micro-herbs and drizzled with a lemon-oil dressing. I’m starting to discover that I thoroughly enjoy roasted beets. The actual process of roasting them brings out a much better flavor and keeps it from tasting like dirt, but still very earthy. However, I couldn’t help but think a similar version I had in the Italy Pavilion during Festival of the Arts was far superior. A unique element here though, is the cashew cheese. It almost looks like hummus, and has a similar texture. But the cheese adds a rich, moorish flavor. But somehow doesn’t taste like cheese. It’s nuttier than hummus. I now plan to go home and replicate the recipe, the spread is that good. A final ingredient in this salad is a sprinkle of crispy quinoa on top. I’ve had quinoa before, but never roasted it was unique. It tops the fresh salad out with a crunchy taste that’s fun and interesting.

From the Garden Salad at the Flavor Full Kitchen

My final savory dish that I tried at this booth was a stretch for me. The citrus-poached salmon with ancient grain salad, roasted vegetables and citrus greens. I must stipulate that I only eat salmon in raw form. I love salmon nigiri when enjoying sushi and I’ve come around to smoked salmon on a bagel. But only on Christmas morning. This poached version was far to fishy for my liking. However, I will say that you do get a good size of fish. I didn’t get much of the citrus flavor here, which I was hoping would balance out the intense fishy taste. The only part of this dish I enjoyed were the roasted vegetables on the side. Specifically the pearl onions. Otherwise, I couldn’t finish this one. It was one of the few disappoints from the festival.

Citrus-poached Salmon at the Flavor Full Kitchen

Finally, we have dessert, which thankfully saved me from the last dish. The Mickey Tart is composed of a multigrain tart shell filled with a peanut butter mousse, strawberry jam and boba pearls. I first thought the tart shell was chocolate chip cookie. I was severely fooled because what I thought were chcoclate chips were in fact seeds. The tart shell was incredibly sturdy, no soggy bottom here, and wonderfully holds the rich filling in. desserts.

Mickey Tart at the Flavor Full Kitchen

At the bottom of the dessert inside the tart is a rich and creamy peanut butter mouse that is to die for. The strawberry jam adds a light and fruity flare and mixed with edible glitter that gives it a nice shine. The boba pearls don’t add much because they were already popped. But they add interesting dimension. Admittedly, the Mickey Tart is small. However it is one of the best desserts I tried at the festival. It’s also a good alternative to other rich chocolate.

Mickey Tart at the Flavor Full Kitchen

Overall, the Flavor Full Kitchen was a hit and miss. The salad was good but I kept thinking about how the previous version at Epcot’s recent festival was better. That’s not the sign of a strong dish. Dessert is the only thing worth taking a side trip here. And believe me, there will be no line because clearly The word ‘healthy’ scares Disney visitors away. But I cans understand why.

In terms of pricing and value, all the dishes are eligible for a snack credit on the dining plan. The citrus poached salmon is the most expensive item at $6.00. But given the size in comparison to other festival dishes that’s a good value. The remaining dishes are washed priced at $4.50. Definitely not worth a snack credit but a fair price is you’re paying out of pocket.