Disney World Secretly Opens Reservations for Offerings Inside Galaxy's Edge

Oga's Cantina at Galaxy's Edge in Disneyland, Photo by: Disney

If you were one of the very few to score a spot in line to build a lightsaber and droid, or enjoy some adult beverages at the Cantina, congratulations you are among the lucky few. For the rest of us, (not even I managed to score a reservation) who didn't react quickly enough, you may be extremely disappointed on Disney's choice to secretly open up reservations to experience Savi's Workshop, Droid Depot and Oga's Cantina at Galaxy's Edge at Hollywood Studios. With absolutely no warning, Disney opened up the flood gates and within a couple of hours, perhaps even minutes, it seemed that the online reservation system was completely backed up and full.

Yesterday morning, a few keen bloggers and websites noticed that Disney World's website began offering reservations for three of the land's most popular experiences. A select few managed to get through the minefield and score a reservation. But many guests were faced with a flying Millennium Falcon icon telling them to patiently wait in a digital queue before moving on to a booking page. I myself spent over an hour trying to get any reservation that I could for opening weekend, September, October, November even all the way to December with absolutely no luck. Even when I got through a few steps to book a time slot to build a droid, I kept receiving error messages once I typed in all of my personal details. Many guests booked hotels and packages to visit Walt Disney World once the official opening date for the land was announced. These guests have expressed frustration in that they went through all the trouble to make those hotel reservations to then learn that if didn't react quick enough on a random Wednesday morning, they would be unable to make reservations for three key experiences.

Disney has confirmed that while it appears all of the time slots are now completely gone for the next couple of months, there will be an extremely limited allowance to accommodate walk-ups on the day. Of course, reservations are highly recommended and one should manage expectations if they are hoping to just walk up and grab a drink with some interesting creatures at Oga's Cantina. There is no doubt, that standby lines for guests without reservations will fill up quickly on any given day inside Galaxy's Edge. I wouldn't be surprised if lines get cut off early and don't open back up again until the end of the night if at all. Needless to say, if you didn't manage to book a reservation yesterday, you're probably out of luck for the next 6 months. Take this as a word of warning for those visiting later in 2020. If you're curious on where you need to go should you wish to try and make reservations for the future, you can visit disneyworld.com for more details or click the links in this article highlighted in red. If you visiting sooner, you'll just have to prepare for the worst and hope for the best when visiting a galaxy far, far away. Good luck, and may the force be with you...in Florida.