Disney World Increasing Price for the Disney Dining Plan in 2020

Updated: Aug 8, 2019

In addition to price hikes for annual passes, overnight parking and then some, Disney has revealed that pricing for the various Disney Dining Plans will also go up next year. The Disney Dining Plan allows guests to purchase an almost all-inclusive package. It is available for Disney World hotel guests only and provides everyone in your travel party several meal and snacks credits that can be redeemed for food throughout your vacation. Depending on how you use it and what restaurants you dine at, you can either save a tremendous amount of money or break even. Either way, it is certainly a major convenience to have food paid for upfront before you pack your bags. But Disney fans visiting the most magical place on earth in 2020 will have to pay a little more to get one of these plans.

On average, all of the dining plans will increase by about $3 per person per night. The number of meal entitlements and what you get at both quick service and table service restaurants has remained the same. Guests opting to choose the Quick-Service Disney Dining Plan will have to pay $55 per adult per night and $26 per child per night. (For the record a child at Disney is defined as a guest between the ages of 3 and 9). This is up from 2019 where the pricing for this plan was at $52.49 for adults and $23.78 for kids. The standard Disney Dining Plan will cost $78.01 for adults and $30.51 for kids in 2020 and the Deluxe Dining Plan will be at $119 and $47.50 respectively.

It is very possible that pricing at individual restaurants and snack locations will see a subtle increase as well in 2020. Over the past couple of years, guests have noted the increase in the price of simple items such as popcorn, soda and ice cream. Meaning that this price increase in the Dining Plan may not change the question 'Do you actually save money on the plan versus paying out of pocket?'. An increase on individual food items would mean that the amount you potentially save on the plan will probably stay relatively the same. However, as with every price hike, these new details will no doubt leave a bad taste in some people's mouth.