Disney Springs 3rd Parking Garage Now Open

After many delays, Disney Springs has finally opened it's third parking structure, the Grapefruit Parking Garage. Located on the south side of East Buena Vista Drive, the new parking structure is almost exactly the same as the existing two garages, Lime and Orange. It is also nearby the Speedway Gas Station located on the same street. It features the same number of levels as the other two and once again features new technology to notify drivers which parking spaces are open and which spaces are occupied. Which makes finding a parking spot a little easier.

The Grapefruit Garage was created to help elevate overflow on a busy days at Disney Springs. Since the garage is located on the opposite end of the street, guests can walk to the the shopping district via a new footbridge that stretches over East Buena Vista Drive and connects to the Lime Parking structure. Please note that if you're parking at Grapefruit, the footbridge will place you in between Town Center and the Marketplace area. A few steps away from The World of Disney Store. If visiting the West Side of Disney Springs is a priority, it would be best to continue using the Orange Parking Garage, or surface parking located on the far end of Disney Springs.