Disney Skyliner to Open September 29th

Updated: Aug 8, 2019

Disney today has finally officially stated when the Disney Skyliner will open at Walt Disney World. However, a few key questions remain unanswered. According to their recent post on the Disney Parks Blog...

The dawn of a new era in Disney transportation is right around the corner! On September 29, Disney Skyliner gondolas will take flight and officially begin transporting guests around Walt Disney World Resort.

Some have speculated that the Skyliner would open just before the opening of Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge at Disney's Hollywood Studios. The new land is slated to open to the general public after a few previews on August 29th. This announcement appears to kill the idea that the Skyliner will open in conjunction with Galaxy's Edge. However, it is possible that Disney will soft open the new transportation system before the end of September. But it seems logical to not open the flood gates and provide too many ways for guests to enter the park and swarm the new Star Wars land.

Additionally, it's important to really pay attention to Disney's wording on this announcement. All that they have said is that the Skyliner will begin transporting guests around the resort. They have not specified if all the stations on the system will open at the same time on September 29th. Disney's Riviera Resort is still in its final phase of construction and will not open until early December. Therefore, it's accompanying Skyliner Station may not be ready until later this year and is a required stop for guests traveling to Epcot. It is possible that on September 29th, the Skyliner will only run between Art of Animation and Pop Century to Disney's Hollywood Studios in addition to Caribbean Beach to Hollywood Studios. Guests may not be able to use the system to get to the International Gateway entrance to Epcot until later in 2019.

Of course this is all speculation and unconfirmed by Disney officially.