Disney Parks Updates Smoking and Stroller Policies

Starting on May 1st, 2019, significant changes are coming to the Disney parks in regards to smoking and strollers. First of all, Disney has announced that it's US parks will now become smoke-free. That's right, all the designated smoking areas inside the four parks in Walt Disney World and the two parks in Disneyland will soon be eliminated. Florida's two water parks, the ESPN Wide World of Sports and California's Downtown Disney will also join the smoking ban. Non-smokers will certainly rejoice in the absence of smoking near their families and kids and smokers will indeed struggle to consume cigarettes while on vacation. All of the locations that will now ban smoking will have a designated smoking-area just outside their entrances as a last stop for smokers. Disney Springs will continue to offer designated smoking areas as will the resort hotels.

Another new policy that will be enforced starting today will focus on loose ice. Guests entering the parks with a cooler or cooler bag to store some snacks, you will no longer be able to carry loose ice in those coolers. Instead, Disney is suggesting that guests use reusable ice packs or simply visit a quick service restaurant to obtain loose ice.

Finally, Disney will begin enforcing new stroller policies. Also beginning on May 1st, Disney will enforce the rule that all strollers must be no larger than 31" (79cm) wide and 52" (132cm) long. Most single strollers on the market are under this new threshold so don't panic. Even most double strollers fall under these dimensions. However, it is worth double checking your stroller at home before you head out on vacation. What this new policy really eliminates is the use of wagons. Disney has flat out stated that all wagons are no longer acceptable inside the parks. (I feel that this has been an existing policy that Disney hasn't enforced because I've seen plenty of wagons being used inside the parks).

With the parks getting more crowded every year with new and exciting expansions, it's no wonder Disney have decided to enforce a few new rules to help the flow of traffic and consider public health when it comes to smoking. For a full list of current Disney World rules and policies, click here. For more tips on using strollers inside the Disney World parks, check out this article.