An Incredibles Celebration Debuts at Disney's Hollywood Studios

Updated: Aug 6, 2019

Fans of the Pixar film The Incredibles, will certainly want to make their way to Hollywood Studios for the latest Disney World dance party. In what was previously known as Pixar Place and the original entrance to Toy Story Mania, Imagineers have created the Municiberg City Block. Throughout the newly themed mini-land guests can meet dozens of characters from the hit film, enjoy delicious snacks and take photos and some cute photo ops.

Starting everyday at 10:30am, music is pumped throughout the street and several characters come out to dance and interact with guests all day long. Instead of Disney composed music, the land is filled with fantastic songs throwing things back to the 1960s. Hits such as 'Twist & Shout', 'Rollin on the River' and even the theme from the film Austin Powers can be heard. Making this dance party truly fun for the entire family.

The vintage posters and signage around the street add a refreshing, mid-century modern vibe to this section of Hollywood Studios. A great match for other landmarks in the park. You can see little little signs of the Jack-Jack Scavenger Hunt that was sadly not ready on opening weekend of this new entertainment offering. But Disney has promised that the interactive experience will be coming very soon.

However, the anchor and not-to-miss element of this block party is the Edna Mode Experience. This location was previously home to the now-gone Buzz and Woody Meet & Greet. Inside the queue to meet Edna, guests will now enjoy and up-close look at a gallery of Edna's best superhero designs. The level of effort and detail for this simple meet and greet indicates that Disney may be considering a more permanent home for the Incredibles inside Walt Disney World.

Finally, many Disney fans were pleasantly surprised to see that even some specialty themed food arrived at the new party. At the Neighborhood Bakery foodies can enjoy the Hero Sandwich and the infamous Num-Num Cookies. I first went for this delectable treat thinking, 'How special could a cookie be?' This is a cross between a giant chocolate chip cookie and a tart. Crispy around the edges, but warm and gooey in the middle. It is now one of my top snacks to get inside Disney's Hollywood Studios. (I'll have to decide what gets knocked off the list now.)

The Incredibles Celebration Block Party really surprised me and is perhaps the best dance party seen at Walt Disney World. Although the park is meant to be set in the golden age of Hollywood, this throwback to the 1960s makes me think that the Incredibles would have a great permanent home here. Could you imagine an Incredibles attraction nearby 50s Prime Time or Sci-Fi Dine-In? It fits perfectly! I think this will not be the last we see of this family of superhero at Hollywood Studios.