2019 Not-So-Scary Halloween Party Magic Shot & PhotoPass Guide

The Halloween season has officially kicked off at Walt Disney World! (Despite the fact that we are still in SUMMER!) If you're looking to get spooky memento to remember the festivities, the Not-So-Scary Halloween offers several exclusive Magic Shots only available at the party. If you've purchased Memory Maker for your vacation, all of these photo opportunities are included in your package. Passholders don't forget that you get Memory Make for free included in your pass so this is a great party extra to score. PhotoPass photographers can capture these specific shots starting at 7pm, when the party officially begins. Here's a look at the special Magic Shots available for this year's party and their locations:

Headless Horseman Magic Shot (Magic Kingdom Entrance)

Photo by: Disney

If it's any special photo to get at the party it's this one! Right in front of the Main Street U.S.A. Train Station you and your family can score a great photo with the Headless Horseman. Here's an extra tip; I suggest getting this photo towards the end of the night on your way out. Photographers will be positioned here at least a good hour after the party officially ends at midnight.

Grave Diggers Animated Magic Shot (Town Square)

Right after your enter the turnstiles there are plenty of special photo ops during Mickey's Not-So-Scary. Aside from the Headless Horseman, you can also score a great animated Magic Shot featuring those creepy Grave Diggers from the Haunted Mansion. Just like they appear during Mickey's Boo-To-You Halloween Parade. Guests can score this photo right by the flag pole at the center of Town Square on Main Street.

Apple Cauldron Magic Shot (Main Street U.S.A.)

Photo by: Disney

Another easy Magic Shot to score is on Main Street because you'll usually find several photographers ready to capture this one. The Apple Cauldron Magic Shot is a great callback to the original Disney villain, the Evil Queen from Snow White.

Flaming Pumpkin Magic Shot (Main Street U.S.A.)

Photo by: Disney

The second Magic Shot available on Main Street is a decent second choice for the Headless Horseman fans. This photo includes you holding a flaming pumpkin right in the palm of your hand.

Ballroom Dancers Animated Magic Shot (Main Street U.S.A.)

If the you prefer those beautifully spooky Ballroom Dancers from the Haunted Mansion, then this is the animated Magic Shot to get. This is the third and final special photo op that guests can ask PhotoPass photographers to capture on Main Street.

Not-So-Scary Prop Photo-Ops (Before the parade on Main Street and Bypass)

Photo by: Disney

Before heading into the other lands around the Magic Kingdom, it's also worth noting that PhotoPass photographers will also roam up and down Main Street just before the parade with special Not-So-Scary props and signs. This is a nice little touch to add while you wait on the curb for the parade to come down. Additionally, after entering the parks, hang a left by the Chapeau for a special party-guest entrance for similar photo-ops with these props and you can also collect a starter pack of candy.

Hatbox Ghost Magic Shot (Liberty Square)

Photo by: Disney

Aside from the Headless Horseman, this is perhaps the other really popular photo to get because it features the elusive Hatbox Ghost. Of course the spooky spirit doesn't appear inside the Haunted Mansion at the Magic Kingdom, but it is a great photo for the hardcore Haunted Mansion fans of the original in New Orleans Square. This one is trickier to find because photographers move around Liberty Square, so just ask around. I usually find that the extended queue area in front of the attraction's main entrance has a PhotoPass photographer for this one.

Hitchhiking Ghosts Magic Shot (Liberty Tree Tavern)

Photo by: Disney

Just outside the land's main table service restaurant, Liberty Tree Tavern, Haunted Mansion fans can get another great Magic Shot featuring Gus, Ezra and Phineas (a.k.a. the Hitchhiking Ghosts).

Haunted Mansion Entrance Photo-Op (The Haunted Mansion)

Photo by: Disney

At the entrance to the Haunted Mansion during the party, guests can pose with a lantern at the attraction's main entrance sign just like the grounds keeper seen inside the ride. This one isn't a Magic Shot so technically, you can ask the photographer to shoot this with your own camera if you didn't purchase Memory Maker.

Hearse Carriage Magic Shot (The Haunted Mansion)

Photo by: Disney

Near the front lawn of the mysterious Haunted Mansion you can of course get a great Magic Shot with the hearse carriage. However this version features one of the friendly ghosts from inside the mansion. When approaching the attraction, speak to Cast Members to line up for this one. Since FP+ is not offered during the party, the beginning of the FP+ line is usually where you'll line up for this Magic Shot.

PhotoPass Studio at Sir Mickey's (Fantasyland)

Photo by: Disney

Available both during the day and Mickey's Not-So-Scary, guests can also make a quick stop at Sir Mickey's. This store is located just behind Cinderella Castle and a few steps away from Princess Fairytale Hall. Disney has setup a new photo studio in here and guests can take family photos with some Halloween props like the ones mentioned earlier on Main Street.

Snow White Magic Mirror Animated Magic Shot (Fantasyland Castle Wall)

Finally we have a great NEW photo op in Fantasyland just for Not-So-Scary; the Snow White Magic Mirror Animated Magic Shot. Guests can take this photo by the Castle Wall behind Prince Charming's Regal Carousel, before you enter the Enchanted Forest. The animated shot puts guests inside the Magic Mirror along with the infamous Evil Queen!